Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another App Store

Apps stores are a dime a dozen it seems.   Motorola is the latest to join the fray with their MotoAppstore.   As more device makers keep creating more and more store fronts and continue to pursue developers, there will be an even larger developer community able to use all kinds of APIs to put forward their best concept apps.  One thing to also keep in mind is what the service providers (telecom carriers, cable companies) are aiming for, which is to expose some key network enablers for developers to add additional value to their apps.


From Androidandme.com

Motorola is also currently developing a native client for Android called the MotoAppstore.

It appears the site is still in testing, but the store is currently publicly accessible by any visitor.

Features of the SHOP4APPS store include:

  • Apps Store catalog is accessible via your mobile browser, a mobile client, or Motorola Media Link (MML).
  • MotoAppstore free Mobile Client. This client allows you to download and install your purchases applications.
  • MyLocker section – check your download history (name of the application, date of the purchase, version).
  • The ability to purchase apps from the desktop site, place them in your MyLocker, and then download it using your handset.
  • Automatic notification alerts when a new version of an app is available.
  • The ability to re-download and transfer your apps to a new phone.

[Via http://yourappsguy.wordpress.com]

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