Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two new (old) short stories

I discovered a couple of Sci-Fi short stories that I wrote some time ago (Corpus Deletum and Picnic) . Corpus Deletum needed some editing and Picnic was not finished so I finished it this last weekend. I’m going to let them cool off for a week or two then do some final editing before releasing them on

Corpus Deletum is a somewhat racy story set in a time when androids are more plentiful than people and people are controlled by implants to prevent violence and antisocial behavior. One missed uncontrolled person falls in love with three beautiful androids and gets involved in their plot to gain their freedom from human control.

Picnic is about a young adult girl and boy that go on a picnic together in the woods. They encounter the dark secret of our universe but only the girl learns from the experience.

Have a good holiday season everyone.


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