Tuesday, December 22, 2009

November 2009: State of The Location Apps

I have long been fascinated by the location-based applications, especially on the new mobile platforms, for they represent a different (and a new) way of consuming and interaction with information.

So perhaps that is why I found this new report jointly produced by location-based services company Skyhook Wireless & Distimo, an app analytics company mildly interesting. Here are some of the highlights for the month of November 2009:

Proportion Free-Paid Of Location Based Applications.png

  • Apple’s iTunes app store has the largest proportion of paid location based applications (57 percent) versus Blackberry which has 49 percent and Google’s Android Market which has 21 percent.
  • During the month, the average price of Maps & Navigations applications remained steady on Apple’s app store and Google’s Android store, despite the introduction of the free Google Maps Navigation. Blackberry App World on the other had saw a decline of 15 percent to $13.74 from September 2009.
  • Location based applications on average cost $14.37 in the Blackberry’s App World versus $7.34 for such apps on the Apple App Store.

And now little something about the actual location apps:

Category Distribution Location Based Applications.png

  • Google Earth is the highest ranked “free navigation and travel app” on the Apple platform, followed by MapQuest. Urbanspoon is ranked #4 and trumps Yelp which comes in at #5. I am especially excited to see Trapster at #7. Most of my friends who drive and have iPhone love this speed trap alerts service.
  • Poynt is the higest ranked Blackberry app in the “free navigation and travel app” category, followed by Where.
  • Google Maps is the highest ranked Android app “free navigation and travel app” followed by NYC Subway Maps app. Where is at #5 and Trapster comes in at #10.
  • When it comes to paid travel applications, CoPilot Live GPS is a winner on Android. MotionX GPS takes the top spot on Apple platforms and GeoCache Navigator is tops in the Blackberry world.

Average Price Travel & Navigation Categories.png

[Via http://gigaom.com]

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