Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Android NetCounter App for counting data usage


This is a nice, simple app for Google Android. NetCounter simply keeps count of the amount of data you are using whilst browsing the web on your device.

This App is essential if your monthly contract does not include unlimited data or if you have a data limit. NetCounter displays the amount of data used as a total, in a month, in a week and in a day for both your WiFi and 3G connections. Although you are not charged for data used on a WiFi connection, it can still be useful to see how much data is used when browsing. 

Android_NetCounter_1  Android_NetCounter_2

Perhaps the most useful feature of the App is the data alert feature. You can set an alert so that the app notifies you when a certain amount of data has been used. For example, if your monthly data allowance is 500mb, set the alert for this figure and NetCounter will then notify you once the 500mb has been reached.

NetCounter is available for free from the Android Marketplace

Thanks to Kate Russel’s BBC Webscape from BBC Click.

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