Saturday, March 13, 2010

Verizon Nexus One typos make no Sense

Yesterday Android Central posted a leak document that said the Nexus One would feature HTC’s Sense UI. Many people questioned the information and pointed out several typos. In addition to Sense UI, Verizon listed the wrong model Snapdragon processor and the incorrect URL for Google’s phone store.

Verizon quickly noticed the mistakes and has already updated their equipment guide. Once again, Android Central has the screen grabs which show the corrected information. The Verizon Nexus One will be available only online and it will include the stock Android 2.1. This is exactly how the T-Mobile launch went down so it looks like Google is sticking with their original Nexus One strategy.

It was interesting to read the comments from yesterday’s post because our reader’s opinions were split down the middle on Sense UI. Some people love Sense and others said they would not by the phone if it was included. Thankfully, this device will have a bootloader that can easily be unlocked so you can flash virtually any firmware that your heart desires.

The Verizon N1 will feature the same Android 2.1 as the first device.

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