Thursday, September 24, 2009

T-Mobile's new target demographic

Whoopi? Really? So T-Mobile is going for the “Ghost” generation? I can just imagine some hip next-gen phone buyer from the coveted urban youth demographic at the T-Mobile checkout counter saying, “You know, at first I wasn’t sure. I mean, I was going to get an iPhone, but when I found out Whoopi uses a MyTouch I was all like, ‘Shiiiiiit, son, I gotsta keep it realzies like Whoop-ta-tha-izzle,’ ‘na mean? Y’all coulda got some washed up, irrelevant-ass early-90s celebrity that I ain’t ne’r hearda; but I figure if T-Mobile gonna spend they chedda on tha A-list for me, then I finna spend the cheda on thems, boyeeeee, ‘na mean? I mean y’all coulda given me some Miller Lite shit an’ instead you come all up in hea with some Cristal, ‘na mean? Shiiiit.“***

Ten bucks says their next ad features Mr. Bojangles.

***Note: Clearly, the person speaking is a white kid, originally from Connecticut, now residing a hop, skip and a jump from the G train in Williamsburg, who–yes–wears enormous glasses.

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