Thursday, November 26, 2009


Google Maps navigation for Android 2.0 was launched last month. This is the free application that provides the complete details of the directions using smartphone’s embedded GPS & Internet connection. Since the application connects to the internet, there is no need to purchase the map updates & also, there are no monthly charges applicable on this service.

As the earlier versions of Android were not having this facility in using this application, the other versions of Android like the T-mobile, myTouch, 3G & G1 are now having the facility of accessing the Google Maps navigation. They can download the application from the Android market easily.

With this feature, Google has really hit hard on the other navigational apps with providing this service for the other versions of Android as well. Maps updates & monthly charges are the main source of revenue for many location-based companies. The biggest advantage that Google is providing here is that it is much better than the paid services offered by the others.


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