Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reading the Signs

Sometimes its more difficult than others to read the signs. For instance (because this is my latest obsessive compulsive thought), I’ve been planning for a month or more to upgrade mine and my husband’s cell phones in December. We have been Palm users for a couple of years, now, (not counting the original Palm Pilots that were not phones, also) so were originally planning to move to the Palm Pre. Then we started researching the apps, battery life, durability, and countless other nit-picks about every smart phone on the market and are now right back at square one. Actually, as of this postingm, we aren’t even at square one, we’re behind square one…and its frustrating and heck! How am I supposed to stop obsessing about cell phones (to upgrade, not to upgrade, what to upgrade to if we go through with said upgrade) when the issue is not being resolved?

OK, so I decided the answer to my obsession was prayer. That’s certainly logical. Now that I really think that God cares what phone I have or don’t have, but I’m pretty sure He still knows what’s best for me and which phone will help more and which will hinder more, if you know what I mean. So, I prayed. Yes, I prayed about cell phones. I know, I know.

So, I arose from my prayer time over cell phones completely at ease with whatever came my way. That if it was best for us to keep the phones we have for now and make no change, that I wouldn’t pout. That if the upgrades were a good plan (or at least not a bad plan) then that decision would be made obvious as the nose on my face or the crows feet around my eyes from years of big smiles. And my mind was (note, was) at ease.

So, I’m good to go and no longer obsessing. Then, I get to the office, and I’ll be darned if the very first email that pops up is from telling me that they now have an app for the iPhone. Now I’m just confused, because I’m sure that God isn’t really giving me the go-ahead for the phone of all phones, the acclaimed iPhone 3GS…or is He? I can justify the hack out of an iPhone purchase (or even some of the Android phones, for that matter). I do tons of stuff on my phone, practical stuff…now just games and goofy stuff. I blog, email, work on the company websites, facebook (thats no goofy), tweet (not goofy, either), and so much more. Phones any more truly are our personal computers, and this is especially true for me as we do not even have a computer at home anymore since we use our cell phones for everything.

So, all of that obsessing to ask: When we pray for definite signs and directions, and we get answers that surprise us, how do we answer? As for the phone, I’m still not convinced that I’ve gotten the last of my direction on that matter and I won’t buy a new phone until I am sure, but really this is just the latest of many personal examples of this kind of signal reading test. When do we know the answers from the wishful thinking???

I’d love your input!!!


An hour or so later…

Anyone who reads much of my writing knows what’s to come. An little while after finishing up the posting on my cell phone conundrum, I came to the following passage in my New Testament reading. I won’t commentate further, the Word speaks for itself!

Then someone out of the crowd said to him, “Master, tell my brother to share his legacy with me.”

But Jesus replied, “My dear man, who appointed me a judge or arbitrator in your affairs?”

And then, turning to the disciples, he said to them, “Notice that, and be on your guard against covetousness in any shape or form. For this man’s real life in no way depends on the number of his possessions.”

(Luke 12:13-15, Modern English Translation)

and then further down…

“You must not set your heart on what you eat or drink, nor must you live in a state of anxiety.”

(Luke 12:29, Modern English Translation)

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