Saturday, January 16, 2010

Android This Week: Is the Bloom Already Off the Nexus One Rose?

Just a week after the Nexus One launched, the bloom seems to be off the rose, as reports are starting to appear in customer support forums that the phone has problems consistently accessing the T-Mobile 3G network. Users claim that the phone is prone to switching back and forth between the 3G and the slower EDGE network, for no apparent reason. Kevin over at jkOnTheRun talked about having such a problem with his own Nexus One as part of that site’s most recent MobileTechRoundup podcast. So far, neither Google nor T-Mobile has acknowledged the issue. Owners of the iPhone 3G may remember how that phone had a similar problem, which was fixed with a firmware update.

Many were also chagrined to discover that the Nexus One does not have multitouch enabled. Indeed, as more Android phones have come on the scene, the lack of multitouch support on many of the devices is proving to be confusing. Especially with the Nexus One, as HTC has enabled multitouch on some of the other Android handsets it’s produced. In an interview with Laptop Magazine this week, Motorola (s mot) CEO Dr. Sanjay Jha said that his company will include multitouch support in handsets going forward.

In the meantime, Om reported that Google only sold 20,000 Nexus One handsets in the first week after the launch — a surprisingly low figure for such a hotly anticipated device, and perhaps the result of the phone only being available to buy online. We may see the phone start appearing for sale in T-Mobile stores in the U.S., but likely not until the network issue is sorted out.


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