Saturday, January 2, 2010

Android This Week: Nexus One Nears; Tablet Ships; New Motorola Phones

Google (s goog) is set to sell its own Android phone, the Nexus One, and jkOnTheRun this week collected all the details about it here. The company is holding a press event about Android next week that could include confirmation about the phone. The device is being manufactured by HTC, and while it’s not clear why Google would want to sell its own Android phone, that’s apparently the plan. The Nexus One is fairly typical compared to other Android phones, with the exception of the Snapdragon processor, which makes it the fastest of its kind out there.

Meanwhile, the Camangi WebStation, a web tablet based on Android, has started shipping to customers, and it looks to be a nicely constructed slate. The 7-inch screen should provide a decent web surfing experience and make for a good e-book reader. Initial reports state the Android slate is a bit slow, but it otherwise seems to be a solid tablet. The $400 price tag may give some pause before hitting the order button, but the device is a good first effort for this relatively unknown company. Given how quickly Camangi came out with its slate, getting a product to market just might be easier with Android than with other platforms.

Plus, an analyst who covers the Android market claimed this week that Motorola (s mot) will be introducing two new Android handsets next week at the Consumer Electronics Show. The phones will be for U.S. carriers AT&T (s t) and Verizon (s vz). No details about either phone have been revealed yet, but it’s a good bet the new designs will draw on Motorola’s first two Android phones, the Droid and the Cliq.


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