Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project52 Plan or How this might pan out

So we’re over two weeks into 2010 & this is only post two. Smooth Doug.

One of the main things that will happen as part of Project52 for me is I will be moving away from a hosted blog to my own self-hosted blog & website.

Subjects for blog post / tutorials / essays that I hope to publish over the next 50 weeks:

  • My faith – I want to write about what I believe, maybe change peoples perceptions of me / my faith & also allow me to develop it further.
  • Web development / design – Not photoshop tutorials, but code, I can’t make something look pretty but I’ll discuss how it works.
  • Mobile / Android – applications I use, general thoughts and my hope to code & release an Android application.

Also anything else I happen to think of, there will more than likely be the usual “What have I been doing” posts but for more of that get on my twitter: @dougaitken

– Doug


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