Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pluto: Volume 2

Is it bad that I didn’t want to pick up anything else? At the time, I had to consider reading the rest of Barefoot Gen and To Terra. Pluto is too good.

Volume 2, READ MESecond volume deepened the suspense. More robots and robot activists die and the killer’s identity is close to being revealed. More super robot beings are introduced into the story as pieces to the puzzle. When Atom comes into the picture (see cover above), the story consists a chunk of emotion that was personally appreciated. Gesicht is living a “human” life with a wife at home and even discusses kids with Brando but he doesn’t fully understand or feel anything in response. When he sees Atom (who looks like a young boy) enjoying icecream, he asks him how he can eat it and act satisfied. This was a slight reminder that Gesicht was a robot, despite his appearance and personal life. The fact that these robots are existing to surpass human capability, they still lack what humans possess.

Later in the story, the investigation gets heated as another robot is killed while trying to kill the assassin called “Pluto”. I’m excited to see what happens.


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