Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch your Security Cameras on your Android PDA Phone

Remotely view your security cameras with an Android Phone

Remotely view your security cameras with an Android phone

   The new Google Android operating system phones have become a popular choice for PDA phones.  However, even though there are many apps that can be downloaded to these new phones, there are still very few security camera systems that are compatible with these new PDA phones.

   However, our Alnet PC-Based DVR systems and our H.264 Standalone DVRs both offer remote viewing from an Android PDA phone. 

   Our H.264 Standalone DVRs provide Basic remote viewing from any PDA phones, and is also compatible with the Google Android operating system phones.  This type of DVR system allows you to see a basic view of your security cameras while you are anywhere in the world.  This basic system allows you to open the browser of your PDA phone and will show a snapshot of up to 4 cameras at once.  The snapshot can be refreshed up to 1 time per second depending on internet connection speed.  This PDA remote viewing is compatible with all of our H.264 Standalone DVRs.

Remotely view your security cameras from your Droid

Android Alnet Remote Client Software for Security Cameras

   For more advanced remote viewing, providing streaming video from your security cameras, and support for viewing IP cameras remotely as well, our Alnet Systems DVR Cards/Software and NVR (Network Video Recorder) software is a great choice.  This system has an app that can be installed directly on your Android 1.6 Operating System PDA phone.  This application allows you to view 1 camera full screen with streaming video, or view up to 16 cameras at once.  This application is a much more advanced remote viewing option, and only works with our Alnet DVR Cards or Alnet Netstation NVR Software.

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