Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Newest Love

Yes people, my heart has grown a little and let in something new…

…my HTC Hero from Sprint.

We picked it up a few days ago, and I adore it.  I was a bit sad because I ended up not getting the Google Nexus One I was dreaming of, but now that I have this thing in my hot little hands I can’t imagine not having it!  This phone is amazing.  I’m loving the Android platform so much.  I had a Blackberry Pearl and then moved to a Samsung Instict (which fell way short of what it was supposed to be) and now this amazing new love!  I think we must name her immediately (and yes I’m taking suggestions!).

Now for those of you looking at buying one of these awesome phones.  Here is some super non-technical, gadget loving mommy, review stuff!

I love

  • That I have 7 screens to place my widgets and shortcuts on.
  • I have a whole screen for Twitter, ohh Twitter how I love you!
  • 5 Mega Pixal camera (I take a ton of pictures on the go, and don’t always have my camera)
  • It moves so smoothly between screens and apps.
  • The MP3 player is nice, and easy to use.  That’s huge for me because I use it when I run for music.
  • Super customizable, this phone is made for you, and you, and you and even you!
  • I’m loving the Android Market.  I have this awesome new app for runs.  It maps where I am, tells me my pace and my speed.  I can’t wait to break it out after this silly rain stops.

Things I’d like to see

  • Flash for the camera, if I’m not mistaken the Google Nexus One is the only Android phone with a flash, that’s not cool!
  • The curse of every awesome phone, I wish it had a better battery life.  Especially since my last phone came with a spare battery, I’m not used to being attached or even worrying about charging it.

The size of this phone is great you can check out Cnet’s review for official specs but simply put, it fits nicely in my hand and i don’t feel like I’m carrying a brick it’s super light.

Now let’s name this beauty asap, suggestions from the class?

**By the way this is in no way a sponsored post, I bought the phone and paid for it and am just sharing my new love with you!**


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