Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fanboys make me giggle

Who would have thought that in a day could be so up and down on the emotion scale. You see Monday we were to have a security audit…the security people never showed up. Well today my boss comes back to my hole in the wall and says “Are you ready for the audit?” I simply replied…”I can be.” She then informed me I had 5 minutes before they were in the building. I wasn’t worried to much, like I said the audit was schedule just two days ago, and I was ready then. Nothing major had changed. I did a quick walk through and boom I was ready.

The auditors came back asked me some questions about the project. I explain we support the MVNO clients of the client. Explained we support from the basic $10 throw away phones to the higher end smart phones. He then starts asking my agent some questions and then it happened I found out the head auditor (the VP of security) was not only an Iphone user, but an Iphone fanboy.

He tells me that AT&T would be stupid to let the exclusivity with Apple end. And that if the Iphone goes AT&T will fall. It was hard but I managed to resisted  the urge to call him an idiot. And instead commented on the way the Iphone has changed the mobile phone market, and how AT&T is getting some really nice Android devices. It was at this point I think I came the closest to ever being fired in my life…this intelligent man said the stupidest thing I had ever heard. “Android will be dead in less then a year. Google killed it. They upset all the manufacturer by making there own device, and all the providers by selling it unlocked. At least that is what I am predicting.”

I was lucky his attention then turned another way, as I was about to say, are you stupid? Do I really work for a company that would promote such a narrow mind nitwit to your position? No I get it you killed the real guy and you are some psycho path that gets distracted by shiny things. Thank goodness I have my keys to shake in front of you to distract you and make you forget what I just said.

The auditors left shortly after going off to other projects in the building. And I calmed down realizing that this man was most likely who he said he was and if he was this person he was not as stupid as he just sounded, and I doubt he is as narrow minded as he sounded. He was just an Iphone Fanboy.

He is unable to see the greatness of his own device (and the iphone is great it changed the mobile landscape forever) while seeing its short comings (MMS still sucks on the Iphone) Not to mention the idea that another device may be as good as the Iphone ( I personally do not think that any device is mind blowing better then the Iphone is every way)

It was at this point I realized that I could have just as easily been talking to a Android Fanboy, who ranted about how the Iphone is pure evil  and Jobs was out to take over the world and knock up our daughters (I once had someone tell me that no joke)

Neither of the mobile OSes are perfect and both are great. Android is not going away in less then a year nor is it going to kill the Iphone (although I do see Android taking market share from the Iphone)

The simple fact is when we get these people ranting about how what ever they do nothing more then make the other side look better until such time as you run into a ranter for that side and then you don’t know what to do.

So what ever you do don’t be that guy that people hate to talk to about cell phones. Know why you like and why you don’t like the device. There is nothing wrong with sharing your feelings, just don’t think the other person is an idiot because he disagrees.


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